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5 Ways To Enhance Instagram Appeal For Designers

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We all have wondered how to enhance our Instagram appeal at some stage in our careers. Whatever it is you do for a living, it’s probably beneficial to create an Instagram account if you’re your own boss. If you’re a designer like me, your work is your heart and soul - so showcasing it to the masses is a must. I would encourage all designers to first find inspiration off other accounts that they believe are awesome. Let me please say this again carefully - INSPIRATION DOES NOT MEAN COPYING. Please only see these accounts as a song you’re listening to before you hype yourself up - they should only get you excited to create your own work. Its important we break these 5 steps into their simplest forms - so here are 5 simple ways to do that.


1. Your Profile Image

You might think this is silly but truthfully its just as important as anything else on IG. When you like or follow someone, your profile pic is what comes up - so you want to look interesting to say the least. This can become difficult as you don’t have much room to play with, so my suggestion would be to either use your logo or a head-shot of yourself. This isn’t exactly a rule per say, as I’m sure each and everyone of you will think about their own creative way to do this but make sure that whatever it is its - visible, engaging and if possible, be easy to read. Again, these aren’t rules, they are merely tools you can use to make eggs, some people cook with a pan, others poach it - up to you.

2. Your Bio

Your bio is also important as its your introduction to what it is you do. You really want to make this as neat as possible as you don’t have an infinite amount of letters to use, so keep it brief…but sexy. Seriously tho, you want to keep that shit tight because the more professional your type is laid out the more likely people who like design will give your images a chance to be viewed. If you just have a quote or song lyrics on there, chances are people won’t really respect you as a designer. Again, AS A DESIGNER. There's nothing wrong with quotes or lyrics but we’re trying to run a business here so keep it tight and concise. A great way to do so is write out your bio in your notes on your iPhone. Copy and paste it into your profile editing and if it comes out clunky and disjointed - chances are you have an unwanted space in your original note, so go back and make sure that's sorted.

3. Your Content Quality

This surely goes without saying but if you need to hear it again - QUALITY PLEASE! Quality is the most important aspect of your account as a designer in my opinion. We as designers get a feeling like sometimes there's something wrong with our work before we export it and finalise it. If you do, chances are its not really up to your standards - take a step back, come back to it and figure it out. Fresh eyes always help and you’ll realise whats needed. Believe me, its much better to be sure you’re stoked on your work than just to go “meh, good enough.” I know this from personal experience and I’ve payed the price. Make sure your work is the goods, always.

4. Your Captions

This is a bit of an open theory situation. I normally like to write something about a project if I’m really into it, tell a story and become engaging as much as the next guy. But I can’t help but cringe at people who over do it and re-write the first fucking testament every time they post. I personally keep mine very simple and have for some time. This might not be the greatest idea in a marketing standpoint but that's the thing you gotta think about - I’m not a marketer. I’m a designer and artist so I’m trying to attract people who like art and who appreciate design, nothing more. Marketing is great if you use it to suit your needs and not vice-versa. So in my opinion, write whatever it is that reflects what you’re posting, in your own style and that way the right people will come to you. Don’t come off as overly salesmen like - its gross.

Are there big designers out there that simply post something with no caption? Yes, but they can. They’ve already reached a certain amount of stardom. But for those of you who choose to stick to being mutes, I believe the next step will undoubtedly rectify the fact that you write nothing.

5. Consistency

If you don’t caption then that's great, so let the work do the talking and post consistently. Post once or even twice a day and this way your followers will know that you’re an artist of few words and great talent. Consistency is also key for designers as unfortunately we all live under the thunder dome that is the Instagram algorithm. The more you post, the more people will see, like and maybe follow your work - so keep it coming. It also shows you’re serious about what you do and not just doing it here and there. Another thing I think is great from being consistent is that it tests you to evolve as a designer. You’ll soon become bored with your style and evolve into something else and then again and again - it never ends. The only thing that happens from there is you get better and believe me your people will see that - you’ll feel accomplished and most of all, you’ll build a following of people who genuinely love your work.

Bonus Round - Your Feed

Yes I know…LAAAAAAME. Although I’m with ya, feeds are definitely important for designers. Lots of people have different ways of doing their feeds, I keep mine colour and white on different days. This way it gives the viewer a breather from one or the other (which is a simple trick I learned in design school). Granted, I’ve seen other people with the same idea before and after my page started but truthfully? I don’t really care. This isn’t something I came up with and that's the important thing to remember. Make sure you research your favourite accounts and use these as inspo to create your own. Instagram is also 3 photos per row, so some people do cool things like keeping the three in a similar colour or tone and the following three in a different colour or tone and in our case - whatever project it is we’re doing at the time.

I would hate for all of you to also take this social media thing too seriously, it is after all - not the real world. Its encased in a device that is not reality, so only use it as a tool. Have tough skin as other people like to use this platform to hurt others and just realise - their retarded and you’re cool as fuck.

Words - John Bresciani

Instagram - @judyispunkco

Ello - John Bresciani

Vero - John Bresciani

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