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Judy is punk releases design related blogs, discussing benefits for designers, business owners and brands - touching on subjects such as logo design, theory, ideology, how it effects our businesses, our industries, its strengths and weaknesses.

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Does design connect us all beyond its primary function?

To elaborate, I've recently come to the conclusion that we as designers are very similar to the consumers our clients serve, on a day to day basis. In particular, we much like them, are not used to change at all - in fact, the majority of us are terrible at it. For example, I can't emphasise how wild designers get when an agency rebrands a logo that they know (the Slack logo comes to mind) and simply cannot come to terms with the fact that the way "so and so" did it is terrible and so forth.

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Should Logos Say Who You Are As A Business?

We as logo designers are constantly in the pursuit of better skill, technique, strategy, word wizardry and intellect - becoming well versed in the theory, ideology and what it is to truly and wholeheartedly be a logo designer, 2019 is the jam. As I strive to be a better designer than I was yesterday, other challenges also arise in our vast industry. Identifying good and bad clients, how to deal with them, when to pull the trigger or keep it in your holster - being a designer is much like a quick witted word smith we so eagerly dream of being, we must also learn to speak.

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