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Pure Liposomals

Logo and label design for Pure Liposomals. Pure Liposomals provides premium quality, therapeutic grade nutritional supplements using the world's most advanced nutrient delivery system - liposomes. Their liposomal formulations use state-of-the-art phospholipid nano-technology for superior bioavailability and rapid absorption of nutrients, ensuring they are delivered to where they are needed the most, your cells.

The logo was intended to showcase the Liposome in a very clean and visually communicative fashion. It was a treat to be able to design a label that did NOT have an overly pharmaceutical feel to it and more minimalist design flair - ensuring this advanced suppliment brand can grow in today’s highly competitive market. This item will be available on Amazon UK in early 2019.

The packaging mockups featured here can be found at Graphic Google and Graphics Fuel sites.