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10 Of My All Time Favourite Logos


As most of you who read the blog or have been following my career so far know, I’m very passionate about logo design. If you’re new however, I decided to showcase some logos that have always held a sweet spot in my heart - and that you most definitely want to check out if you’re a logo nerd as well. I have taken inspo from these throughout my career and value the creators who made them dearly - as without their countless hours of creative meltdowns, sweat, sketching and everything that comes along with it, I would not be the designer I am and will become in future. Thank you to you all. So without further a due, here are some of my all time favourite logos (in no specific order).

1. Braun - This stunning piece of type is so fucking powerful. Not many logos have created a similar feel as this one in my opinion. Sure there have been designs with a similar extended letter - but none match the brand tone that was created for Braun. That ‘A’…(commemorating with a fist pump). Wolfgang Schmittel, you’re the man.

2. Citi Bank - The Citi Bank logo amazes me as its most definitely stunning but the manner that it was created is just so bad ass. Paula Scher drew it on a napkin while discussing the logos initial design with a team of Citi Bank representatives. Need I say more?

3. ABC (1962) - Paul Rand was a genius. I always loved his abc logo as the letters in it are perfectly round. Everything fits so neatly and proper but its also shocking to realise how simple it is. I’ve always been a massive fan of Rands work as most of it is truly timeless.

4. Cobra Dogs - Cobra Dogs is a hot dog take away place that was designed by the owners friend - the now famous Aaron Draplin. What I love about this logo is the story behind it and although I won’t tell it in much detail here - Draplin created this for his friend who was in need of help and his design helped his buddy do well in life, which he did for free. Some of the best, most fulfilling work is done for not even a dime. Draplin influenced me heavily in my icon design work as his use of line is quite thick and I was instantly smitten by this style. Thank you Aaron for your honest work and for inspiring many designers on this planet.

5. Starbucks - Although Starbucks have been part of a few re-brands, the current iteration is my favourite. Very symmetrically sound and just memorable - what more can you ask for from a logo.

6. Nike - The Nike logo was created by Carolyn Davidson who at the time was a design student. I mean if this isn’t the most iconic mark on the planet I don’t know what is.

7. IBM - Another Paul Rand special, Iconic, corporate, masculine and would compete with most corporate brands today

8. Apple - The brand that shapes our time as human beings. So iconic, you can show someone this logo in 100 years in a hut in Africa and they’ll know what it is.

9. George Bokhua - How about killing 100 birds with one stone? No? Ok but seriously Georgia based designer Bokhua has an outstanding body of negative space based icon design, logos and brand identities. Just stuff to make you drool. Love his work.

10. Search Discovery - Draplin at his finest creating an identity that correlates with the brands objective and using colour in a beautiful way. I can see his clear inspiration in Paul Rand’s work and colour use, which is so cool to see - your hero’s hero. Fuck I love logo design.

I encourage all you readers to find inso in designers work that drops those jaws. Work that floors you is what you should be looking at constantly and this will bleed through in your own style, rest assured. I also need to mention that many of these we’re also chosen by how they made me feel in regards to the story behind it, who made it and what it was made for. Not all logo design needs too be perfect to a t - but more so that the brief has been nailed and the objective has been reached in a unique and creative fashion.

Words - John Bresciani

Instagram - @judyispunkco

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