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A Typical Day Running Judy Is Punk

Running Judy Is Punk is such a blessing that I never take for granted, ever. I get to live and have the opportunity to try and make my life what I want it to be. Plain and simple. The highs and lows are always a constant in this life but as a guy I really look up to once said (Jocko Willink) GOOD. Struggles are good because you learn from them and they give you the opportunity to get better and better every time - to improve. I’m a firm believer that your daily routine must never be taken for granted, so for me to run my business efficiently and in a happy state of mind - I get exercise done first thing before anything.

My day starts at 5 am (sometimes 4:30) as this is the time I get to exert my body and start the day fresh. I’m a skateboarder, so I drive down every morning to my park and I skate. For me that's what I like. I’ve done many forms of exercise in my life - martial arts, weight lifting, surfing what have you and I wish I could do them all - so I would recommend if you have any similar hobbies that involve physical exercise, this is a great time to do it. If by chance I happen not to do this routine in the morning, my mind just isn’t right and the day kind of suffers from it. The show must go on of course, but it just ain’t the same. In whatever career you have, I would recommend it to anyone as the sense of accomplishment once done is priceless and sets the standard for ass kicking as the day progresses.

I start the business day off by doing basic ‘maintenance’ for JIP. So I check client emails/DM’s, I check the activity on my website, I answer messages and contract invitations on various freelancer platforms, chasing up revisions, invoicing, iconography downloads etc. This is very coffee induced by the way! Once this is done (sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes more) I commence the jobs I have in order of importance. Say for example I’m on a tight deadline for someone, I put that job forward and the rest in order of importance. Most of the time, its a logo design job as this is my forte and honestly what I’m really into doing - but I also have private companies I do work for that they require quick and sometimes not so quick maintenance in their files, templates, images etc. Not all graphic design is ‘hey look at me and my portfolio.’ Sometimes you gotta do work that's of a more ‘nuts and bolts’ kinda feel if ya know what I mean.

If I’m designing a logo however, I spend hours, researching, sketching and sketching until I’m finally happy with several of them and start digitising. The amount of time it takes to get one right really depends on the job. Me personally, I take a bit longer when its a monogram or a custom letter type job - because I’m not really a ‘type expert’ so I give these a little more time on the sketch pad. With icons its different, its a bit more my style and becomes easier to convey a message in a simple illustration. So in short, it depends on the day and what I’m doing - sometimes 3 ideas get done and sometimes just 1.

Once the main client work is completed for the day, I like to focus on what I can showcase on social media to my fans, so either right a blog, create a piece of digital art or colour and update and oldie that I really like. Sometimes however, the day can start kind of slow, I’ll be waiting on clients to get back to me and there might not be anything in the inbox. So I start this process in reverse and get this stuff done first. That's the exciting part I guess, you never really know what the next day will bring and it keeps things refreshing.

IMPORTANT: I learn’t this the hard way so take note people - BACK YOUR FUCKING WORK UP. If you’ve worked all day on something, back it up to an external hard drive or what have you because you never know when things crash on you and sometimes you lose a lot of work which is the worst feeling ever.

That is a typical day running this little thing that is Judy Is Punk, its my baby and I love it dearly. It brings me joy and the fighting chance to survive in this world the way I want to.

Words - John Bresciani

Instagram - @judyispunkco

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