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Simple VS Lazy Design

Simple VS Lazy Design

Simple vs lazy design is such a broad subject, as human beings all have personal taste, opinions and ideas of what amazing design is versus what isn’t. As a professional, people come to you for the creative abilities you posses, so its our job to bring the heat. In contemporary design, this (not always) mostly means clean, simple, brand specific design that actually speaks to the consumer and above all (if we’re talking about logo design) conveys the companies point of difference and story. Simple design is an incredible way to convey a message without saying much at all and is the corner stone of what modern design is all about - but what is simple design?

I believe sometimes designers (especially inexperienced ones) focus more on the 'simple' rather than the 'design' part of it. What I mean by that is, you as a designer can establish that modern design is based on simple lines, shapes what have you - so sometimes this gets blurry and it is forgotten that without any meaning, simple or rather ANY design is meaningless. I see so much and I mean like…SO MUCH design that is just straight up lazy that's being passed off as “simple,” 'modern,' 'edgy' what have you. Going into Adobe Illustrator and typing out a name, in a cute font isn’t logo design. Neither is typing out one letter or making a black circle with a white background. Sure, sometimes clients actually ask for that and if you ask me - EASY MONEY. The thing that frustrates me about that isn’t the actual act of laziness but the failure to realise that all you really have to do is think for a second…literally

If you can think about what message your are trying to send with a design, then that's the hardest part done - because the fact of the matter is, simple design is so euphoric as it "communicates" so much using so little…but that's the thing isn’t it - you’ve gotta "say" something, otherwise you’re wasting your time and even worse, your true potential! My theory is, some designers are insecure with their ability and that's OK, we have ALL had those moments. I can 100% assure you that if you take a second to clear your mind and say 'What am I really trying to say here?.' 'What point am I trying to get across?'

This is critical. Knowing why you’re using simple design versus 'just because its cool' are massively different. Please realise that you do not have to re-invent the wheel. You just have to try and be creative as that's what your profession is all about. This will take some practice but I remember when I started to think outside the box - my confidence would build up more and more. Sooner or later your style will be known for your own quirky creativity whether it be simple or not. Use modern design as a way to practice your thought process. Tell a story with your work, make people think for a second and go 'ohh yeah I see that, really cool' (Full disclaimer, you won’t get people saying that all the fucking time, so be warned).

Tap into your creativity and the artist inside you will come out - because simple shapes, lines and letter are merely tools we have to convey a message, so find the message first and only then utilise your tools to say what you wanna say.

And shit man have fun with it..

Words - John Bresciani

Instagram - @judyispunkco

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