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INSTAGRAM STRATEGY: 6 Ways to improve Instagram traffic

INSTAGRAM STRATEGY: 6 Ways to improve Instagram traffic

Instagram strategy: 6 easy ways to improve Instagram traffic

Instagram has easily become the easiest way for millions of people to showcase their artistic flair, infamous selfies or even the odd English breakfast. The app is one of the easiest to use on the planet and because of this, people often misuse it and don't take advantage of it's full potential. Whether you're a model, artist or anything and everything in between, here are some easy and effective ways to generate traffic to your page that I use religiously.

1. Quality over quantity

This is honestly the most important thing to think about. Your Instagram page is basically your portfolio, a resume if you will. If you're a photographer for example and you post a pixelated photo of something you shot, guess how many clients your gonna get? Yep, zip. Quality is single handily more important than any tip anyone will ever give you, it's your first impression. So plan ahead and if you feel you need to post and you have jack to show for it, don't settle for poor content. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all.

2. Hashtagging with intent

Most people don't realise that the hashtag is like the a flyer, except way better because your leaving your "flyer" in the exact place where people who might like your craft are. It's essential to generate traffic to your page. So, if you're a blogger, look up great hashtags for that, see what your favourite bloggers use as hashtags and get to it. Obviously this works for anything, so research on Instagram where you wanna be seen and tag there.

Important tip: Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags so use them wisely but more importantly, don't put your hashtags next to "just had a sick workout, lol." Write your post, then comment on your own photo and type your hashtags there. This way you don't come across as an amateur or even worse, spammy.

3. Consistency

This one is tough for most people because it's kinda like when you join a gym, you go for 3 weeks and you don't show up for the next six months. Don't go too hard, post once or twice a day max and make sure it's 6 hours apart so your not spamming people with your photos. When you show consistency, you show activity and the sense that you're always doing something, which if you're running a business, you're anyway.

Important tip: Make sure you post in the morning, when people are on their lunch breaks or even late afternoon when everyone is chilling to maximise traffic to your page. If you always post at a similar time, people will trust that you post at that time and will subconsciously relate you to that time of day.

4: Pay attention

As the great Gary Vaynerchuck once said "The market tells you what's good, not the other way around." Pay attention to what people believe is your best work/content. Obviously, don't sell out and do what everyone else does, but always be aware what people most like about your craft. Let the market tell you what they like and try and avoid what they don't like.

5. No novels please

It's always good to say something that's significant to what you're post is if indeed there's something meaningful to say. However, don't start writing an essay on stuff as people will quickly see you're a bit of a babbler and potentially won't read what you have to say in future posts. Keep it short and sweet, it's a visual app, so focus on the quality not quantity.

6. Putting it all together

All these tips are guaranteed to work, if they're all used. Granted, you may only use a few and see some form of "success" depending on what kind of attention you're after. If you're looking to grow an audience as a business however, you better believe you need to use all of these as there is no magic wand that's gonna give you business. You need to do the hard work and chase what you want.

Writer: John Bresciani


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