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Automated Commenting (WTF)

Automated Commenting (WTF)

Let’s face it — Instagram success is based on quality content and following. Some have grown that organically but it’s insane that so many people who appear to be successful or have a following on Instagram use some sort of Automated texting. Ever get tired of someone who has no interest on what you do comment “Thumbs Up” or “100” — like, seriously?! It happens to me on a daily bases and I’m shocked how people continue to pursue it as a organic way to connect with others on Instagram. The other day, I posted a video and someone said “Nice Pic.” So, for all you REAL people out there who aren’t sure if you should too start Automating, here is an answer on why you shouldn’t based on pure fact.

Humans after all this time in this digital age, believe it or not — still FEEL. You know that really annoying dude at the shopping centre, with the ponytail who always tries to sell you facial cream while you’re walking past his stand? That's the same feeling people get when you use Automated texting on them. Like, you know Mr. Ponytail is full of it and just wants you to buy his product and that's exactly what people are doing on Instagram. By creating that “fake” sense of genuine feel people get so turned off they’re likely NEVER to give you any sort of like or follow, let alone ANY business.

So, if you find something you really like as a business, stop and think for a second. Connect with the person and say something from the heart and actually make a friend and possibly someone who will give you business because they felt you were someone genuine. The reason people use Automated texting apps is because they’re to lazy to do the commenting (or as I better like to call it, “connecting”) and don’t want to do the hard yards to build a genuine audience in an organic way.

So if there’s a photo your app is commenting on for you of a beach and ocean, and your Automated comment is “SLAY ME” — shame on you, you’ve got some serious re-evaluating to do on your Brand values.

Be genuine, it goes a loooong way.

John Bresciani