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How To Have Drive & Confidence As A Freelancer


Dreaming about a better lifestyle is quite frankly one of the most common topics amongst people who are unhappy with their current job. Wether it be creative, service based and everything in between, that little conductor in your head is always telling you “Wouldn’t it be nice?” Truthfully, being a freelancer is nowhere near as easy as some might think. Sure, even I would have been guilty of saying “Yeah but that is easy, I fucking wish I could do that!” Honestly, that's fair but also, unfortunately for both sides of the spectrum, a tad inaccurate.

Being a freelancer takes immense drive and self-talk. Anyone who is their own boss will tell you this, followed by tales of how they went through this and that, which is a tune you’ll be singing as well if you pursue your dream as a career. The biggest misconception is this - people don’t realise that the actual work part of it “(provided you’ve chosen something you actually love doing) is actually fulfilling and yes, less strenuous and less stressful than your current job. Of course it would be - you’re doing what you love right? What most people don’t get is that the hardest part of being a freelancer isn’t actually doing the work, its surviving when the work doesn’t come in.

Silence is the killer of all egos and good vibes. If you sit around and nothings happening and all is silent with no work - you’re gonna need more than just a good work ethic. Drive is seriously something that can’t be taught - not by me, not by anyone. Only you can do that for yourself. You might say “Well that's when you make the work come to you right?” Yeah sure, you’re right but just because you’re, doesn’t mean it always goes your way. If you can be truly driven, to never return to the job you hate, never hear someone else tell you to come in early, never have feuds with co-workers or whatever it is that's making you go mad in your current job, then I can 100% promise you several things.

Provided you’re good at what you do and work hard - you will earn money. You won’t earn a ton of money right away. It can be years before you do. You won’t be drinking with friends as usual. You won’t be having take out whenever you feel like it. You will miss out. If you can be strong, if you can be hard, then man/girl, you’re gonna be a bad motherfucker. You know why? Because you can’t teach being driven and going without. Take pride that you can go without sometimes, take pride you aren’t weak and can suck it up. If you can, you’ve already won. IT GETS BETTER. Hard work always shines through if you’re driven, to show nobody but yourself that you’re a bad-ass that CAN do the leap of faith in the pursuit of true happiness. Be prepared to have people judge you, make fun of you, not get why you do what you do - its all part of it. Remember, you’re a bad motherfucker, so this doesn’t effect you in the grand scheme of things.

Now, please don’t get shit twisted - if you’re gonna do the leap of faith, wear a fucking parachute. What I mean is this - if you’re serious about making the leap, be sure to have money saved up. Maybe move in with your parents and/or brothers/sisters for a bit. Do extensive research of where you’re going to target and where your income is gonna come from. There's this cool thing called Google, you might have heard of it. Type….HOW TO EARN MONEY AS A FREELANCER. Guys, there's no two ways about it. Be driven, be yourself. One day the curtains will shut, the “life” movie will play in your mind. Be certain that you’re proud of every moment you’ve spent in this world and don’t hesitate to do what you really wanna do. It fucking pains me to the core to actually have to say this, but Drake was right. Yolo.

Learn what other freelancers are doing, what freelance job websites there are, what social media platforms you should be on and how to properly utilise them. Do the research and when you’re ready, make the leap. I only had money saved when I did this, I had no parents to go to as my parents live overseas. I had to pay my rent like a normal person. Use every avenue you can to succeed (not by stepping over anyone of course) and take life by the balls. Please if any of you have any more questions about this topic, my email and Instagram DM are always open. I would love nothing more than to hear your success story, your dreams or even your inquiries and provide you with any advice you might need. Always do you, no matter what!

Words: John Bresciani

Instagram: @judyispunkco

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