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Is Your Branding Consistent? 3 Tips For A Long Lasting Brand

3 Tips For A Long Lasting Brand

So you’ve had a designer create your branding from the ground up — nice logo that represents your story and/or point of view in your market, flyers and maybe even a website. So you’re pretty much set right? Well…kind of. You see, after everything is created and has officially left the designer hands — its up to you as the business owner to make sure that you’re staying consistent to what was created. More often than not, a lot of people veer away from all the effort, time and money they spent to get their colours right, values — even things like wording a social media post. So here are a few tips to keeping uniformity to your brand beliefs.

1. Keeping Up With Trends (or not)
Do you work for TMZ, NIKE or are associated with social media marketing? If the answer is no, stay away from trends! You’ve spent time with your designer to create something that’s unique to you and you only — so by following trends you’re automatically “selling out” for a quick buck rather than a long and healthy career in your niche market.

2. What Font Is My Font(s)?
I’ve had businesses come to me in the past who have one style of font on their website, another on their cards and about 5 different ones on each flyer and letterhead they have. Please guys, if you have a logo and some supporting text (tag line) on it — make sure you use those exact fonts so everything fits in the same family. Another option is to ask your designer if he can direct you to a font (in design land they call them ‘typefaces’) that is similar to the one used in the logo. Rule of thumb, keep it to two or three different fonts max!

3. Updating your print
Nothing is more unprofessional than handing out flyers that have outdated logos, timetables and/or addresses. If you keep your print updated — your keeping your clients updated because there’s nothing more off-putting than getting handed print with no purpose. If you don’t have money for print and have old flyers with outdated information — STILL DON’T HAND THEM OUT! There are other ways of updating new content that don’t require you to hand out old stuff just for the sake of it.

Stay smart friends & keep your brand consistent!

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