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Creating Brands With Stories

Creating Brands With Stories

There are so many great stories yet to be told in this amazing world we live in. That quintessential moment in your life that you felt so inspired -- you had a surge of energy that is only known by those who take steps forward, those who take action. That character(s) in your life that you connect with so deeply -- that it moulds who you are or want to become. Stories are just like our DNA, they're unique to us and us only. Having a brand is much the same as telling our story because if every brand were the same, our world wouldn't be amazing after all.

When someone asks me to create their brand, essentially what they think they need is a cool logo and that's fair enough. They've seen someone down the street with a cool logo and believe that's their road to success. Having a pretty logo is great and essential -- what isn't great is having a pretty logo that doesn't convey what their story is one single bit and sooner or later, your clients will pick up on that. Being transparent is key to creating YOUR brand because that's what a business is -- it's your story being told visually so your clients can believe that you are who you say you are.

The more transparent the better! Lately, I've noticed the Gold Coast is full of business that all though beautiful, all look the very same. People don't fall in love with a beautiful logo with four fonts in it -- they fall in love with the story about how you and your dad shared the best moments of your life's together while he taught you how to shape a surfboard and you followed suit. Or they are mesmerised by the hand crafted artwork you started creating at age 50 because you just said "screw it" I'm going to live my dream.

Clients just wanna know YOUR story so they can trust you and always look you up when they think of your niche product. A "place your name here" logo and a business card will only get you so far but with a story, the possibility of reaching your niche market and "people" are endless. I love creating logos that reflect EXACTLY who my clients are because then and only then, will it be instantly recognisable to their target market.

So if you're opening a business, blog or Instagram, make sure you just be yourself because believe it or not, a lot of people will love you for who you are and that's what makes this world so amazing, the beautiful stories that are being told yesterday, today and tomorrow!