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Does design connect us all beyond it’s primary function?

To elaborate, I've recently come to the conclusion that we as designers are very similar to the consumers our clients serve, on a day to day basis. In particular, we much like them, are not used to change at all - in fact, the majority of us are terrible at it.

For example, I can't emphasise how wild designers get when an agency redesigns a logo that they know (the Slack logo comes to mind) and simply cannot come to terms with the fact that the way "so and so" did it is terrible and so forth.

Isn't that just hilarious? We sit on our high horses and tremble with an anxious expectancy that the logo we have re-designed is received well - but once we see someone else do it, many of us pick it apart.

Designers are intelligent, intellectual and in touch with human emotion much like musicians can be. Although we do get our time in the sun being portrayed as such, our discipline in unbiased critique of others work has become very appalling.

We look at the past and present designs as if it was that simple a change - and forget, from our own experiences that the timeline of such works is far beyond the seconds it takes for the vulture like hate to be thrown at them.

As champions of our own industry, we should give a respectful analysis to the designers responsible for whatever change we have seen. We must realise that countless months, in many cases, years have gone by for them to come to the conclusion they did - a consideration we all would humbly accept if we were in their shoes.

So I ask again, does design connect us all beyond the description of our primary function? I believe that all designers, much like the brands and consumers we serve are in fact the same - we're human. Perhaps it's the reason we do our jobs so well, it's the fact that we're in a sense, undercover consumers on a mission to convey what our clients want and upon finalising - stand tall over our enemy as is if we were Achilles himself, as if we knew all along the outcome of our battle.

I love being a designer because for however much judgement there is in an industry with essentially such a simple function in theory, it reminds me in the most strange of ways that above all, we're humans who're connected with our feelings - and genuinely just want to be heard, or in turn, help other achieve the same.

Author: John bresciani